Who said that camping is for the dull and careless? The Gentleman Camper offers an elegant alternative way of travelling and living. He’s into style, but also into nature. He’s an independent mind and a free spirit. He enjoys living for the moment, but always looks fot the authentic and valuable things in life. Whether he buys it or just enjoys looking at it.

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Glamour x Camping = Glamping Style

So, und wo wir gerade beim wunderbaren Backyard Bill waren - hier noch die Blaupause zum Glamour-Camping oder eben "Glamping"-Style, wie ihn die zwei Zwillingsbrüder Dan & Dean Caten alias D-Squared2 für den Sommer 2010 vorschlugen. Eigentlich noch immer ganz gut ... Welcome to Sir Camp-a-lot's headquarters!

Fotos: Men.Style.com

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