Who said that camping is for the dull and careless? The Gentleman Camper offers an elegant alternative way of travelling and living. He’s into style, but also into nature. He’s an independent mind and a free spirit. He enjoys living for the moment, but always looks fot the authentic and valuable things in life. Whether he buys it or just enjoys looking at it.

Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

The Complete Gentleman Camper Manifesto

THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER is a new way of life for the contemporary man. He likes to travel, develop new ideas and discover new horizons. He’s into style, but also into nature. He’s of independent mind and a free spirit. He enjoys living for the moment, but always for a reason. He enjoys personal luxury, but doesn’t need a gilded chandelier to feel at home. He is tracking the good, authentic and true, rediscovering local specialities, crafts and unique places.

Any modern man of whatever age can be THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER. He knows the rules and games. THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER discovers beauty as he comes across it. His ways and travels are sometimes well planned and carefully executed, and sometimes very random and coincidental.

He tours his own country with the same curiosity and care as some of the most outcast places. THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER is a king with his own kind of castle; a very compact but well-thought set of travelling items in an elegant and understated driving device. He doesn’t go for the usual camping sites, but rather finds individual solutions for a splendid night under the moon, asking local proprietors for a temporary stay. His trips lead him to forgotten beauty and mid-size towns or villages, but never ever to the crowded beaches and traffic-jammed boulevards.

Style is key to THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER. Therefore, he steers clear off the beaten path, avoiding the obvious places and tourist traps, unfolding his own route. He will not be seen with or in the average ugly gear most motor homers carry around. His shirts are clean, his breath is fresh, and his camper is decked out with the finest linens. His baggage is a celebration of life and beauty. He might have a very good wine on board, but will also easily be able too cook a very simple and tasty dish from the most basic of ingredients.

Very simply, THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER is a mobile individual, but tries not to add too much to this world’s traffic problems. He takes his time, is never rushed and always in control. The driving is part of his pleasure, but he will never go to the limit, rather allowing an extra stop to discover some local beauty. When driving, THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER is polite, cautious, generous and focussed. No speeding tickets, please.

Naturally, THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER’S vehicle of choice is the all-new Volkswagen T5 California. Because it’s the classic, it’s advanced and has an understated style that any GC is after. Older versions of the California range are as welcome to join the movement, but must – as any other vehicle! – pass a visual approvement by the GENTLEMAN CAMPER committee. However, chubby motor homes and plastic camping trailers will not be likely to pass this test...

Nature is all that THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER is after – he’s as much in love with clear blue skies and green slopes as he is conscious about the fragility of it all. So quite naturally, the GC will never rate his own interests and his will to discover higher than the need to preserve nature. He will not enter protected nature where’s he’s not allowed to, and he will not leave any trace of his stay when he leaves, taking every bit of waste with him. Carbon compensations to reduce the environmental footprint of his trips are voluntary, but recommended.

Any European individual – man or woman! – feeling similar about life and travelling can join the GC movement by subscribing himself as reader to the GC blog. Through THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER’S blog, via newsletter and eventually with a specialized GC magazine, members of the GC community share their thoughts, tips, road books, secrets and special recommendations. WGC’s make themselves visible by a very discreet sign that can be ordered here by getting in touch with GC N°1.

As the GC movement grows, THE GENTLEMAN CAMPER may feel the wish to share his lifestyle with individuals of the same spirit, so therefore we will organize a bi-annual GENTLEMAN CAMP on a spring and a autumn weekend, allowing the community to get together in style and grace, exchanging ideas and feelings, compete with individual design solutions and sit together at an excellent meal. Announcements will be made on this site.

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